“I actually have no words to tell you how amazing the photographs are, we’ve just been looking at them over and over since we’ve gotten them.”

Ewald & Caroline | Shepstone Gardens

Do you dread the idea of spending your wedding day posing for, and being directed by someone you barely know? Yeah, me too. I cringe at the thought of having planned my wedding day for months, creating the perfect milieu, then inviting the most precious people in my life to celebrate my happiest day with me, only to spend half the day being interrupted to pose and re-pose with a perfume bottle.

We strongly believe that the wedding day should be as uninterrupted by media as possible. Think about the movies, how many times do you see a photographer depicted? Almost never. Off the top of my head I can only think of that one scene in The Godfather, where Sonny in frustration destroys the wedding photographer’s camera. Remember that scene? My point is that I think the role of the photographer should be one of recording and preserving actual, real, precious memories. Looking at your images years from now should take you back to an actual time and event in your life, a sacred ceremony and an authentic celebration, one that changed the course of your life for good. Instead I fear that many a wedding photographer out there treats the wedding day as if it’s an expensive, overly planned photoshoot, as if it’s all about the photographs, as if it’s really all about them and how they think the wedding should be.

“The photos are unbelievable – you have captured moments we were not even aware were happening. You have allowed us to relive our amazing day!”

Tracy & Rory | Val Bonne Country Estate

My wife Cindy and I have close to a decade of experience documenting hundreds of weddings all over South Africa, and in neighbouring countries like on the beaches of Mozambique, the island of Mauritius, and in the sweeping hills of Swaziland, creating beautiful wedding photographs of real moments during the wedding day that can never be posed or directed. We know what to anticipate and we know where to look to find those moments. Moments that are real, and captivating. Moments that capture a gesture or a movement that speaks the truth about somebody you love dearly.

It’s a journalistic approach that sees to it that we direct and control as little as possible during the day, and instead it allows us to tell an authentic story.

We do record details and decor, and we do feel that a couple of quick formal family photographs befits the occasion. We also prefer to have the two of you alone for a few minutes to create a few stunning portraits in our signature style, but our desire is for you to get back celebrating with your people as swiftly as possible. After all, a wedding day isn’t really about the photography.

“…you have captured the best moments of our special day and they will live long in our memory.”

“I thought I would have to rely on memory in years to come to “really” remember just how breathtaking I thought Laura was on the day and how much fun it was, but Ben you’ve managed to exceed our expectations and get my wife, family and friends just as I remember them for which I am very grateful.”

Bryson & Laura | Thandeka Lodge