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David & Theoné | Secret Place, Parys

This is one of those blog posts that I should have written a long time ago. I do remember that it was a quiet and serene morning wedding. It was not a hot day, but sunny enough that the whole assembly moved their chairs into the shade of the giant oak tree on the side. It had that Sunday wedding feel to it. I remember that, and the fact that we hit the jackpot with the most gorgeous late afternoon light.

Similar to how Cindy and I did with our own wedding, Theoné and David decided to have their wedding in the morning, have a lunch reception and then do a photo shoot afterwards. It’s maybe a little risky if you think back at it (I spilled half a glass of red wine on Cindy’s dress for example), but we did photograph a few portraits between the ceremony and lunch to avoid total disaster and then went for gold with an after-reception photo session, and it really paid off.

The wedding was celebrated at the always classy and delightful Secret Place  here in Parys and we completed the photo shoot at The Dog & Fig brewery just outside town after dropping down to the river for 10 minutes.

I have to quickly mention Andre from Maison de Fleur who did an absolutely amazing job with the flower arrangements. They used to be around the corner from us here in Parys but have since moved their business to Potchefstroom. I can highly recommend their services. From the few times that we spoke I can attest that Andre is a make-it-happen kinda guy with great taste and insane skills. Theoné & David basically gave him free reign to do what he wants and the results didn’t disappoint, it was amazing.

Bride and groom in veld near Parys after their wedding at Secret Place.

Hooray for termite mounds, this bride looks amazing

Beautiful flowers done by Maison de Fleur from Potchefstroom

Bride getting ready with her dress hanging  ready in the next room

Mom struggling to get a pageboy dressed before a wedding in Parys.

Bride checking her make-up with her mom in Parys at Secret Place

classic portrait of bride in dappled light in Parys

Groom contemplating as he is getting ready with a pageboy

Kids struggle to focus at wedding ceremony at a wedding in Parys at Secret Place

Delightful wedding ceremony at Secret Place in Parys

dried seeds and flowers as confetti at this wedding in Parys

bride and groom having a moment at Secret place in Parys

indoor portrait of bride and groom reflecting in a mirror

bride and groom portrait right after the ceremony

at a wedding in Parys at Secret Place a young boy tastes champagne and seems to like it

bride and groom enters the wedding reception area

a child sits with a bride and listens to the reception speeches

Groom giving a delightful speech during a wedding lunch at Secret Place, Parys

Page boy watching rugby while the wedding reception is underway at the Secret Place in Parys

Bride and groom after their wedding on the banks of the Vaal River

Bride & groom on the banks of the serene early autumn Vaal river in Parys

bride at Dog & Fig brewery near Parys in the Free-State

Beautiful afternoon light on this bride and groom in Parys at the Dog & Fig brewery.

Bride of the year competition

Some of you may remember we asked you last year to vote for Liezel for an Australian bride of the year competition. Well she won her round and now it’s time for the finals! Please will you take the time to vote for her, it’s simply a click of a button, no details need to be exchanged, simply open the link above and click vote, that’s it.

She stands the chance to win a holiday to South Africa (she lives in Australia).

I have looked at the other entries and besides possibly being a little biased I think Liezel really deserves to win, she really did look stunning, plus it will really mean the world to her. She is a South African who is now married to an Auzzie and living in Australia, but like many ex-pats her family is still here in SA and I’m sure she misses them terribly and this is a great opportunity to see them again.

Besides, this is sort of an SA vs. Aus thing, so let’s not waste any opportunities here 😉

Julia & Daniel | The Red Barn, Dullstroom

Some of my favourite images from Julia & Daniel’s wedding. The ceremony took place at the Stone church in town during a Harley Davidson rally (pretty cool), and the rest of the celebration at the Red Barn, halfway between Dullstroom and Lydenburg.

There will be more images (+/- 40) on my Facebook page,

’til later, Ben

dulstroom wedding photography

bride getting ready mpumalanga

wedding confetti dullstroom

wedding mother in law tears

black and white wedding

harley davidson wedding dullstroom

wedding speech groom mother in law

dullstroom wedding couple

dullstroom wedding couple

band at wedding

dullstroom bride

Marinka & Boun | Mabula Game Lodge, Limpopo

Nothing like having the majority of your guests fly from Canada, Bermuda and the States for your wedding, only to hear that the nearest town that you have to drive through to get to the venue is completely washed away and the roads are closed due to perpetual heavy downpours and bursting dam walls. Boun sounded confident over the phone though and alas we passed through Bela-Bela the next day without any hint of trouble at all. Not only that , but the day was a stunner. Clear blue skies with just enough cloud cover to keep things manageable ito the heat. A lovely day indeed in the bushveld.

The wedding saw a relaxed crowd, many bermuda shorts walking around, plenty dancing and a lot of catching up conversations that I guess carried on long after we left. This must have been one of the only weddings where we were booked till after 11, but the formalities must have been done by 7. I mean speeches, main meal, dessert, the works, done, 7pm. Boun made it clear that they were there mainly to party, and they intent  to get that going ASAP. No kidding.

Here are a few quick selects from the day:

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bride and flower girl, mabula lodge weddings

bride meeting her father, father of the bride, mabula lodge bela bela

bride and game drive vehicle, mabula lodge wedding, game drive wedding,

congratulate groom, groom laughing, chinese groom, mabula lodge wedding

wedding guests, wedding guests game vehicle, getting on the car, mabula lodge weddings

late night dancing wedding, talking at wedding, dancing at wedding, wedding reception

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bride and groom together, bridal portrait under tree, short groom tall bride