FAQ | South African Wedding Photographer | Ben Viljoen

Frequently asked questions

What are your rates?


Please contact us for a full pricing brochure, but half day coverage starts at R14999 and full day coverage starts at R21999.


Portrait, engagement and lifestyle sessions start at R2299.


What does your coverage include?


Below are some typical coverage patterns. Bear in mind that weddings are unique and your needs may differ.



Full day coverage (Collection 2 | full day package)
  • Up to 9 hours coverage, extra hours can be booked
  • Pre-ceremony (usually includes getting ready, details, decor & venue) usually 2-3 hours before ceremony.
  • Ceremony
  • Family/group portraits
  • Couple portrait session
  • Reception (formalities + approximately 1 hour)


Morning/afternoon wedding (Collection 1 | half day package)
  • Up to 5 hours coverage, extra hours can be booked
  • Pre-ceremony (usually includes getting ready, details, decor & venue) usually 1-2 hours
  • Ceremony
  • Family/group portraits
  • Reception/lunch coverage
  • Couple portrait session


Elopement coverage (Collection 1 | half day package)
  • Up to 5 hours coverage, extra hours can be booked
  • Pre-ceremony (usually includes getting ready, details, travel to ceremony spot, venue) usually 1-2 hours
  • Ceremony
  • Family/group portraits if applicable
  • Couple portrait session


Can we ask you to stay longer on the day?

Yes, if so desired we can extend coverage on the day. Extra hours will be invoiced after the wedding day.


How big is your “team”?

We, Ben & Cindy, are a husband and wife team and for most weddings we work together. This allows us to cover the bride and groom getting ready separately without having to leave either site, ensuring that we don’t miss anything important. It also relieves the need to come up with an elaborate schedule to make sure that everything is covered. It just allows for a more relaxed wedding day, at least as far as scheduling is concerned. For the rest of the day working as a team provides different points of view and angles, an extra brain, and a bit of security for tricky shots. We can also cover documentary photographs of guests during canapés as well as make portraits with the couple elsewhere at the same time, a super power!

For some weddings and for various possible reasons it may be preferable to have only a single photographer present at the wedding. In these cases Ben will cover the wedding. No discount will apply in these cases.


Where are you based?

We are based near the intersection of Gauteng, North West and the Free State in the town of Parys. Most of our clients are Gauteng based, with most weddings being either in the Johannesburg, Parys, or in the Hoedspruit/Kruger National Park area.


Do you travel travel for weddings?

Yes we do. All over South Africa and internationally. Let us know when enquiring where you are planning to have your wedding and we will include travel and accommodation requirements as part of our reply.


How many images do we receive?

This depends heavily on the kind of wedding you are planning. We deliver all images that we are satisfied meet our standards. We do not hold images back because a package includes “only” 500 images, nor is it our goal to simply make as many images as possible to meet a certain quota. We aim to make as many quality images that tell the story of the day as possible. Some weddings are predisposed to produce more images than others. A large wedding where we cover a longer pre-ceremony session, a longer couple session, and a reception stuffed with formalities will produce more images than a more intimate wedding with a short couple session and an elegant lunch reception with a quick toast or two. Neither of these approaches are better than the other, it’s just important to understand how this can affect the number of images produced. That said, we generally look at about 50 images delivered per hour of coverage, which for most weddings translate to around 400-600 images.


How do you make those natural unposed looking images? We are not naturals…

Our coverage includes two “styles” of photography. First off, for most of the day we make images of real unposed moments of the wedding day. We do not stage or direct these in any way, but move around, compose and anticipate possible upcoming photographs and make them as they present themselves. Sometimes (rarely) it’s needed but we really don’t like “pretend” make-up sessions and asking grooms to repeatedly undress and dress to “get the shot”. This is in the spirit of traditional documentary or “street photography”. These images look natural because they really are.

Secondly we do make some more directed images with the couples portrait session. These vary from more classically posed and directed to very natural where we take a more hands-off approach. It depends on the couple, their desires, the setting and the mood of the day. Fourteen+ years of experience in the field handles the decision making here, you are in good hands.


What about family/group photographs?

We do these in a more formal traditional style. It’s not the most exciting style of photography, but we feel this style will stand the test of time and years down the line these photographs become some of the most important photos taken on the day. Sometimes during these sessions opportunities arise for gorgeous candid images as a bonus. Where possible we cover this session as soon and as quickly as possible after the ceremony while everyone is still congregated.

We recommend making a short list of essential groups that you want covered. Aim for 10 groups or less. In our experience long lists of group shots inevitably get cut shorter by the couple on the fly, increasing the risk of missing more important shots. 


What is your post wedding timeline?

Editing is completed 4-6 weeks after the wedding date. If albums and/or prints are ordered the process starts once digital images have been delivered. Clients select their own images for their album and we design a layout using those images.


What is your booking requirements and payment schedule?

Provided we are available, bookings are secured with a 30% retainer fee and a filled in booking form. The balance of your package is due by the wedding day.


Do you offer other types of photography?

Yes, we do engagement shoots as well as family and lifestyle sessions. Please see our current rates for pricing.



Please feel free to contact us to request a detailed pricing sheet or for any further questions you may have.