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#FridayWeddingTip .2

Tip #2 – Speeches

I’m thumbsucking, but I bet that most people would prefer to watch a TED talk rather than just listening to it, and clearly Seinfeld is funnier on video than he would be on audio only. Visuals matter.

Love or hate them, chances are there will be speeches at your wedding. I’m not saying build a stage and have a professional crew manage the lighting for the event, but at least see to it that wherever the speeches will be delivered there is enough light for the speechmaker to be clearly visible, and sufficient light for the same to follow his notes without someone having to assist with a candle (classic romantic), or a cellphone (modern contemporary), or a cellphone showing a picture of a candle (contemporary romantic).

It’s almost a given at most weddings we attend that the speech corner is the darkest one in the room. It makes it harder for your guests to enjoy the toasts, and it burdens the speaker in delivering his best. Let there be light!


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