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Frequently asked questions

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Do you travel for weddings?

Yes we do. All over South Africa and internationally. Let us know when enquiring where you are planning to have your wedding and we will include travel and accommodation requirements as part of our reply.


Can we ask you to stay longer on the day?

Yes, if so desired we can extend coverage on the day. Extra hours will be invoiced after the wedding day.


How many images do we receive?

We edit and deliver all images that meet our standards. Generally this means around 200-600 images depending on your package collection.


Do you take family/group photographs?

We recommend it. We do these in a more traditional style. We feel this style will stand the test of time and years down the line these photographs become some of the most important photos taken on the day. Often during these sessions opportunities arise for gorgeous candid images as a bonus. Where possible we cover this session as soon and as quickly as possible after the ceremony while everyone is still congregated.

We ask that you make a short list of essential groups that you want covered. Aim for 12 groups or less, but we will discuss this before the wedding day.


What is your post wedding timeline?

Editing is completed 4-6 weeks after the wedding date. If albums and/or prints are ordered the process starts once digital images have been delivered. Clients select their own images for their album and we design a layout using those images.


What is your booking requirements and payment schedule?

Bookings are secured with a 30% retainer fee and a filled in booking form. The balance of your package is due by the wedding day.

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WhatsApp / Call +27 76 120 2556



…or visit our CONTACT PAGE to tell us more about your wedding day plans, we would love to hear all about it!


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