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Franz & Samantha | pre-wedding shoot

This particular session was held at one of my favourite little spots in the western regions of Joburg. It certainly didn’t boost morale when I arrived just to find that the whole area had burned down the day before. We decided to try and make the best of it anyway and if need be schedule another shoot. With beautiful light, a decent setting and an impossibly easy couple as subjects, I think it’s safe to assume that another shoot will not be needed.

So I think I have finally decided what I will call these shoots. Yes, if you can read titles then you guessed it, I like to call them “pre-wedding shoots”. Not an engagement shoot, as I feel like that means being there and photographing the actual event of getting engaged. I also don’t like to call them e-shoots, as in my mind I see a couple in front of a webcam on the other side of the world with two beers and a joystick. I like to see these sessions as simply a photo shoot sometime before the wedding, heck you don’t even need to be engaged to have it done. It’s just you and your best friend getting some cool images together…simple really.

For practical reasons some images cannot be posted, but if you just have to see more, there are just a couple of extras on my Facebook page.

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