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Malcolm & Adilia | The Nutcracker, Parys

It’s probably about time for a blog post again, and I’ve been meaning to sit down for this one for a while now. I’m glad I waited a bit, as I love going back to older weddings with rested eyes. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

There are a couple of things that I vividly recall about Adilia and Malcolm’s wedding at The Nutcracker near Parys, next to the Vaal river in the Vredefort Dome. The bouts of emotion as Adilia got ready, the excitement brewing amongst the bridal party, a chapel packed so full some guests seemed to be hanging onto the window sills to have a peek, the power failure at the start of the reception and the subsequent darkness (at one stage I randomly pointed my camera to where I thought something was happening and fired a flash, hoping to just get something). Did I mention that Adilia may have been just a little late 🙂 Basically we left Art Lovers in Parys where Adilia got ready at the time she was supposed to walk down the aisle. This may raise an eyebrow on paper, but it was all seriously great fun. It was simply a fantastic day out and I could tell that there was a lot of joy and love floating around, and I think the pictures attest to that fact as well.

roses and make-up bridal preparation

bridesmaids getting ready Parys

bride getting emotional before wedding

bride and father wedding cars

wedding reception decor images

wedding portrait the nutcracker parys

hot groom at wedding

happy wedding bridal couple

first kiss as a wedded married couple

wedding congratulations and emotions

bride showing off ring

first dance as married couple in Parys free state

night time toasts at wedding


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