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On an island | Mauritius

We are back from Mauritius!

Right now I’m busy backing up the thousands of pictures, sifting through some mail and checking in once in a while to see if Cindy is managing okay with the tons of washing. I cannot wait to sit down and actually browse through the images.

Here is one of the last photographs I took the evening before we left. I really thought that I would be able to do the bright blue water, overly saturated beach-y images, like the ones you see in the travel catalogs, but apparently I struggle to see images in that way. I will try again with the wedding pictures. For now though, just a rather dramatic portrait of a boat :-).

Just after a wedding in Mauritius La Morne

We stayed on the other side of those cliffs (le Morne), in the town of la Gaulette, on the south west side of the island. Ropsen provided some excellent accommodation for us. I would highly recommend him if you want to go self catering, and the rates were not bad.

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