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’til next week

I had intentions today of blogging Natasja and David’s wedding at Morrells. However, after a stint at a seafood restaurant last night things took a bad turn. I came home and decided to start sifting through some images, lazily editing one or two as I went along, and even posted one on Facebook. Then it kicked me in the stomach like a nervous giraffe.

It appears that I have developed something of an allergy to shellfish over the last year or two. Ironically, the last time this happened was at an actual wedding also at Morrells. Apparently Ben + Seafood + Morrells = Trouble

Anyway, here is another photo that just caught my blurred visioned, swollen eye. It was the sparkle in the glass that caught my attention, but I love the mood and story this image tells, the time of day, the mood, the dress and the occasion, all summed up in one image.

Morrells boutique venue weddings

With this I’m crawling back into bed.


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