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Gert & Carolien | Stilbaai, Western Cape

I worked my butt off today, took an hour nap, and now actually feel like writing (thus the Cape Town style rain outside).

I want to make a statement, and this has absolutely nothing to do in any way with the wedding below, but I feel I need to clarify. Cindy and I are legally and lovingly married, and have been so for the last two and a bit years. She also happens to work with me in our business which we run together. I just felt to mention that because we travel a bit for weddings, and recently a couple seemed somewhat relieved to find out that we were indeed married, and that after 2 nights together, and me wearing a wedding ring the entire time (I can just imagine what they were thinking). Anyway, the thing that really made me post this rather odd bit of info, was that a make-up artist at a wedding recently asked Cindy if I was her dad??? Not offended at all by the question, and we actually had a good laugh about it, but what strikes me is that you need to be fairly positive of your facts before asking such a question. I mean, you don’t just ask a lady if she has a bun in the oven unless you are quite sure, right? So there you have it, for purity’s sake.

Moving on to the good stuff. We covered a wedding for¬†friends of Gert back in Jan, and later on Gert popped the question, we said yes, and a couple of months later we enjoyed a spectacular and super fun wedding on the beach at Stilbaai (actually Skulpies baai). We spent 2 days extra, and Cindy and I cannot get over the fact that just two days of doing nothing but look at waves completely revives the mind and body. We stayed together with family and friends of Gert and Carolien, in Die Blou Huis, which is a beach house that was originally built by Carolien’s grand (or great grand?) dad in 1913. That’s almost 100 years of wood, with cracking and croaking to match. One of the coolest things for me was that Carolien and her family came to this house in what seems to be twice a year, every year, for many years, while growing up. How do I know? All the kids marked their height on the cupboard in the room in which we were sleeping, together with their names and date. When I saw that I just felt really blessed to be part of such a historical event, pregnant with memories, history and I’m sure loads of nostalgia.

I must confess that we did feel a tad bit awkward at first, and then even more so during the speeches. It soon became clear that Gert and Carolien were of the kind who had awesome contacts and friends in any industry imaginable (at least wedding related), and so EVERYONE who were involved in the wedding seemed to be somehow family or befriended at some level, and they all did an excellent job at everything, so it felt a bit strange that they got us in to join them, but obviously we felt incredibly honoured as well for the same reason. Seeing MJ (?) the videographer with his home made “ZX2000E” steadycam across the shoulders handing over the rings during the ceremony was a particularly special moment for me, and one that pretty much captured the intimacy and closeness of the whole wedding in a nutshell. A special tip of the hat to Melissa Naude (also a good friend) who rather nonchalantly organized one of the best weddings we have been to. I didn’t ask her too many questions, but she did confirm that she is indeed a co-ordinator, and she sells wine, and I just got word from her FB page that she is starting a deli (she is the type that has you scratching your head on why you cannot get more done in a day). So if you are looking for someone to organize you a kick-ass wedding, look her up etc. etc.

Gert has serious style when it comes to his taste in music. Completely btw.

On to the wedding photos.

For some reason, when logic dictates otherwise, I tend to gravitate towards the alternative. In this case, being a beach wedding and all that, bright colour images would be the norm, but I think the 1913 beach house influenced me towards classic B&W images, and I think that antique shop we discovered on our last day that had us almost miss our flight to Joburg didn’t help either. Originally this post was going to be all B&W, but I decided to add a splash of colour at the last minute.

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