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Chris & Clare | Ulusaba Game Lodge, Sabi Sand

It’s a little crazy if you think about it. I’ve gone on those morning walks in Kruger National Park before and have never seen anything except a fresh pile of elephant dung and a zebra, but have your wedding ceremony out in the bush and suddenly elephants, giraffe, hyenas and rhino come around to say “hi” seemingly on a regular basis.

My first wedding of the new season kicked off in September at Ulusaba Game Lodge, just outside Kruger National Park in the Sabi Sand Reserve. Chris and Clare celebrated their union in a dry riverbed with close friends and family from all around the globe, followed by a game drive/portrait session under a rather moody sky, allowing for some fantastically dramatic images. The Ulusaba team rounded off the day with a wonderful lantern lit evening out in the african bush with live african dancing and the best noodles I’ve ever had. Yes, of course there were some other things as well, the tuna steaks were pretty amazing for example, and would it really be a South African wedding without a braai? But, that noodle stir-fry…

Thank you for having me at your wedding Chris & Clare, it’s been an honour. I hope you enjoy your photographs.

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