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Beyond Ngala Lodge | Kruger National Park

We are back after an amazing week in Kruger. My right arm is well tanned, Cindy and I both picked up a few kg’s, and I got enough photo’s of Zebra to publish a book. Seriously though, if you looked through the pics of the trip, one could easily assume that we saw Elephant and Zebra and one or two other animals. In reality we saw and experienced so many things that were never caught on camera, partly I think because I was the only idiot in the whole of Kruger trying to shoot small game from 200m away with a 50mm prime lens.

After many a kilometer on our own, a night drive, a sunset drive, a morning walk, and another sunset drive, we FINALLY saw a leopard on our last evening there! It was definitely one of the big highlights of the trip as we both have never seen one in the wild before. As a bonus, we saw another one on the way out of the park the next day! Okay, fine, we and 300 other cars full of people saw the tip of a leopard’s tail.

We stayed three nights at Letaba rest camp, an amazing camp to just chill out at, but not the best drives around, Most animals are not crazy about all the Mopanie in the area. After Letaba we stayed for one night at Olifants Camp. It’s an OK camp, but not my cup of tea, too modern I think. Finally we camped for two nights at the fence at Satara, which was insane with Hyenas staring right at you from three metres away while you braai, and elephant and buffalo grazing right by your tent in the early hours of the mornings. Satara is probably in my favourite area of the park, even though it’s not my favourite camp per se. Satara is where we saw our first leopard during the sunset drive.

The reason we planned this trip was because we were begged (and pleasantly persuaded) to shoot a wedding at the stunning Ngala Lodge, which is a private lodge bordering Kruger with no fence in between, so it’s essentially part of Kruger. The wedding was incredible, and definitely one of the highlights of the year. We could really live off of just shooting bushveld weddings, they are that exciting for us. A blog post will follow at some point, but for now, Zzzzebra!

Zebra fine art Kruger National Park

Zebra running fine art print

Zebra herd Kruger National Park fine art print

…and some other animals

Eagle landing in Kruger National Park

Elephant cow and calf in Kruger National Park fine art

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