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Paul-Rupert & Leandra | Three Rivers Lodge

I think Tim picked up that I was a little nervous when we scouted the venue before the wedding. I could see plenty places to do the more traditional stuff, but it seemed hard to see anything else. As with all good things which comes unexpectedly, it turned out to be one of my favourite weddings of the season so far. We drove back home to Johannesburg in very good spirits.

It was also good to see some old clients in the form of Phillip and Liezl, of Anderland fame. Phillip had his hair tied back, and Liezl looks younger than ever, so I didn’t even recognise them at first, but it was great to catch up with them again. It’s a pity Phillip has been cured from his fly fishing habits, a Vaal trip would have been in order.

The selection for today is a couple of images I edited while busy downloading the images, so it’s hardly a comprehensive, chronological list. I love working at receptions, so my favourites usually come from there, and I think it shows up here.

Here is something that Leandra and PR got right at their wedding. With their first dance, they actually had all the disco lights going with the smoke machine on full blast. This makes for interesting photographs. What we see too often with the first dance is that either all the standard room lights are turned off or on, and the photographs can turn out a little flat IMO. There are disco lights available, but for some reason they are reserved for the party afterwards. Gooi those lights people, and make sure you dj has a proper smoke machine. You’re worth it 🙂

PR and Leandra, I hope you guys enjoy the photographs. It was a treat being at your wedding.

This is probably my favourite image of the evening. I’m not sure the relation here, but PR and Leandra obviously have great affection towards these two kids. Besides the boy’s expression, I love the line that is formed from PR and the girl, to Leandra, down to the boy, and then the elbow that points to the boy, almost accenting him, as if saying, “look here”.

The funniest thing about this image is the guys in the background. I just had to post it.


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